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Hi There,


Question on "Kits". I've built a small catalog on my demo site w/ a bunch of different items where I've separated the English and Spanish versions by SKU (e.g. CorpBroEng- and CorpBroSp- for English and Spanish respectively). I want to make an "English" kit and a "Spanish" kit, where I group a few of these items.. however I want to automatically link to the correct SKU for Eng., and Sp... When I make the kit now, customer is asked to "version" the various items to choose Eng. or Sp. versions of each brochure...


I don't want them to have to do that, I'd rather have 2 kits, one specifically all Eng. SKU's, the other all Sp. SKU's. Is it possible to link the kits to specific SKU's in an item, so that the customer doesn't have to version? I'd hate to have to re-create the catalog items in duplicate (one Eng. one Sp.) to make the kit feature work?


Thanks for the ideas and input!


- Mac

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