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Issue with Date input

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Relatively new to FP and Javascript and had a hard time finding anything about this on the forum, and I'm hoping it is a quick fix. Basically the issue that I am running in to is that my customer has a calendar date input on their portal for an event date that needs formatted, and the rule right now is returning todays date regardless of the input due to the "MyDate = FormatDate(Today(), "ld, lm d, yyyy");" The thing is that I know how it is breaking, but when i change the FormatDate(Today() to FormatDate(Field(Date) it breaks the code. I've attached the full code below, any help would be much appreciated!



MyColor = Field("ColorChoice");

MyDate = FormatDate(Today(), "ld, lm d, yyyy");

MyTime = Field("Time");



if (Field("Date") != "" && Field("Time") != "")


return '<color name = "'+MyColor+'">' + MyDate + ", " + MyTime;



else if (Field("Date") != "" && Field("Time") == "")


return '<color name = "'+MyColor+'">' + MyDate;



else if (Field("Date") == "" && Field("Time") != "")


return '<color name = "'+MyColor+'">' + MyTime;





return "";


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