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FP 9.3.36 not working on Yosemite


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got FP 9.3.36 installed on an old MAC 10.6, working OK with Adobe PRO DC on everything.

Needed moving to a different OS, which is Yosemite 10.10.5, Acrobat PRO DC 2015.023.20053 . Deactivated FP on the old, reactivated here, installation went OK. As soon as I draw a text box, even on a complete blank PDF doc, I get a "Show Selection" frame, which won't go away until I force Acrobat quit. I can deactivate FP on the new Yosemite, then reactivate on the old, and everything works back again on that !

I tried uninstalling completely FP on both sites, then reinstalling, but I can't fix on Yosemite. Any idea?

Thanks Maurizio

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