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PPML Resolution (Rasterization?)


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FusionPro 6.0P1e

Windows XP SP2


I am Composing using the PPML Output option. After the process finishes and I print my PPML file, it appears that my finished sheets are being down sampled. I have small black text that is not coming out clear. What am I doing incorrectly? Is there a way to Output to PPML and get a clearer picture. Outputting to a PDF file just atkes too long. Any suggestions or guidence would be appreciated.

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Is this small text inside of a raster graphic in your template or is it non-rasterized text in the template? One quick way to tell is to zoom in in Acrobat on this text in Acrobat to 6400% and see if the text curves look smooth (vector then) or if it looks bitty/stair-stepped (raster then).


If it IS vector text, the downsampling you are seeing on the Fiery is likely not caused by the FusionPro composition. We will never convert vector text to raster in composition (except in some Digimaster-PS output). I recommend talking to whomever supports your RIP about looking into this issue.


If the text is raster in your template, the only way FusionPro would be downsampling it is if this rasterized text image is A) a variable graphic and B) you have downsample enabled on the FusionPro Composition dialog's "Graphics" tab.


If the text is raster, is NOT in a variable graphic, and/or graphic downsampling is disabled in the Composition dialog, I would also see about talking to the RIP support contact about what might be happening as we are likely not downsampling the raster text.


Other items to look at:

1) If you compose 5 records of output to PDF and RIP, does the text look better?

2) Are you perhaps using a bit-font as opposed to a vector-font?

3) Are you seeing this issue on the RIP, on the actual print output, or both?


hope this helps.

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