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Text vertical alignment


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Hi friends,

I need some assistance in using FusionPro tags to manage such prices in MarcomCentral.




I have built a rule to manage the price, using <superscript>but I need help for the *. It has to be placed just at the right of the price cents, but it cannot be just as superscript as it is smaller than the cents.

I suppose it is possible to define a text size and a vertical placement/alignment to do this ? I didn’t find it in the FusionPro manuals…


I can't place a separate text box to place the * exactly where I need as the price will have different sizes as the font is not a fixed width.


Help is more than welcome ! :)

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You can adjust the ratio and offset of the superscript by setting the appropriate attributes of the paragraph tag:

return '6€<superscript>90</superscript>' + 
 [color="Red"]'<p br=false superoffset=80 superratio=50><superscript>*</superscript>';[/color]

Check out page 44 of the TagsRefGuide.pdf in the documentation for more information.

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