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Change compose output to alphabetical sequence


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Why not just sort the data before it gets to FusionPro? That would save you from reworking your template code.


But if you really want FusionPro to do it, it's possible. You'll have to link to your primary data file as an external data file, push all of the records into an array and then sort the records based on the "Last Name" field. From there, you'll have to reference the array to determine the correct record number to use and read it from the external data file.


JavaScript Globals

ex = null;
data = [];
function ExField(name) {
 return ex.GetFieldValue(data[FusionPro.Composition.inputRecordNumber - 1], name);


ex = new ExternalDataFileEx(PrimaryInputFile(), ',');
for (var i=1; i <= ex.recordCount; i++)
       name: ex.GetFieldValue(i, 'Last Name'), 
       rec: i 

data = data.sort(function(a,b){ 
   return a.name < b.name ? -1 : a.name > b.name ? 1 : 0; 
}).map(function(s){ return s.rec });


Note, that you'll have to replace any use of the "Field" function in your rules with "ExField."

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