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Paragraph: Justify with last line aligned center


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I don't think you can do it from the text editor but you can create a rule to return your paragraph:

var yourParagraph = 'Flexitarian freegan polaroid paleo kickstarter blue bottle. Pop-up echo park thundercats dreamcatcher, small batch sriracha migas green juice. Crucifix gentrify live-edge, wolf thundercats schlitz before they sold out slow-carb distillery cliche coloring book squid lomo gluten-free kinfolk. Fixie gastropub tilde blue bottle green juice, tattooed pop-up gluten-free kombucha poke pok pok iceland kickstarter. Godard lyft venmo, cliche iPhone twee intelligentsia bushwick sartorial swag selfies 3 wolf moon. Slow-carb farm-to-table tousled cornhole, aesthetic small batch ramps williamsburg. Man braid af marfa, pork belly direct trade before they sold out enamel pin asymmetrical bushwick squid.';
return '<p br=false quad="JC">' + yourParagraph;


Or if you want to typeset your paragraphs in the text editor, you can name your that text frame (ex: "ParagraphFrame") and set the alignment in your OnRecordStart callback:

FindTextFrame('ParagraphFrame').content = FindTextFrame('ParagraphFrame').content.replace(/quad="\w+"/g, 'quad="JC"');

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