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Format Text Like a Phone number


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So I have an interesting issue.


My client needs to have text formatted like a phone number.


A little background this client is using a braille translating service to convert a phone number to Grade 2 braille.


so 617-555-1234 is represented like this. #fag-eee-abcd


Here is what I need help doing. The text must always have (#) in the front to note that this is a number, and we must be bale to have the rule format the text like a number #fag-eee-abcd.


We want to set the programming to be bale to accommodate the text entry of #fag-eee-abcd or #fageeeabcd.


I tried modifying the format phone rule, but with little success, any one have any suggestions for this?


Thank you


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You could use a function like this one:

function formatBraille(number) {
 // Remove any characters that aren't a-j
 // and consider the number a match if it has 7 or 10 letters in it
 number = number.replace(/[^a-j]/gi, '').match(/^(.{3})?(.{3})(.{4})$/);

 // If no match is found, return an empty string
 if (!number) return '';

 // Remove the original string, leaving only the
 // captured groups in the 'matched' array

 // Remove any values that are 'undefined' and join with a hyphen
 return '#' + number.filter(Boolean).join('-');


You can put that in your JavaScript Globals so that you can call it from any rule, or you can just put it in the same rule and call it like this:

return formatBraille('fageeeabcd');    // #fag-eee-abcd


If you wanted to take it a step further, you could have the function convert regular phone numbers into the braille format:

function formatBraille(number) {
 number = number
   .map(function(s) { return /\d/.test(s) ? Chr(96 + Int(s)) : s; })
   .replace(/[^a-j]/gi, '')
 if (!number) return '';
 return '#' + number.filter(Boolean).join('-');

Then you could pass either format and get the braille format back:

return formatBraille('(617) 555-1234'); // #fag-eee-abcd

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