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Copy only certain rules to another file?


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Two questions:


1) I was wondering if there is a way to copy only 1 or 2 rules from an existing file to another file. I know the trick for copying everything, the whole structure, but some of my files have tons of resources and rules and I find I just want a couple of the rule to come over. I have been just opening them, copying the script and then switching to the new file, creating a new rule and pasting. Is there a quicker way to just grab one rule? I don't want to necessarily grab everything because then I have to delete all the unused ones, or else have a huge window to scroll through.


2) Also, on a "slightly" related note, I had a weird problem yesterday. Was transferring the entire structure using this method:


Fusion Pro > Data Definition > Wizard

Select "Import Data Source From Another Document".

Navigate to the ".def" file.

Then, FusionPro > Advanced > Import

Navigate to the original PDF.



However, the last 3 rules I had written in the original file were NOT copied over. I went and opened the original, and sure enough the rules were there. I ended up just copying and pasting the script in to a whole new rule and making sure I named it exactly the same, but that has never happened before.


Anyone else have that happen to them?


Thanks for the help.



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Ok, so I'm having the same problem. I used the original file to compose a single record and update the .def file and then tried the same import to the new file and I still don't get all my rules to show up. I'm VERY new to FusionPro so be gentle. Thanks.
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