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Text Color from Data Field


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Asking for help twice in two days. Sorry about that.


I have searched for this and nothing seems to fit what I am looking for.


Sounds simple but I can't figure out how to do it.


I have a data field that will contain a color.

In my text frame I want the color of the text to match what the color in the data field is.


So if the color in the data is "Blue" then all the text that prints in that text box in my template should be Blue.

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You just need a rule that returns the color tag at the beginning of your text box. The following rule will return the color tag if the color in the "Color" field is a defined FusionPro color:

var color = Field("Color");
return FusionPro.Colors[ToLower(color)] ? '<color name="' + color + '">' : '';

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Does not work.


So I created a rule with the code you provided. Clicked the return as tagged text box in the create rule screen.


In the variable text editor window I inserted the rule as the first item in the window.


All text is still black even though the rule validates to Green.


Am I putting it in the correct window?

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