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Dropping trailing zeros


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My customer is sending data to us that we're populating on our PDF. One of the bits of data is a rate percentage - 2.20. They would like that trailing zero to populate on the PDF and I can confirm that it is in their data.

How would I keep that?


When I preview it from my template on the desktop it's alright, but when its processed from the server the zero gets dropped.


Is there a javascript rule I'm missing?


(Call the field RateX)

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I don't know why the data would preview a certain way and compose another. It sounds like the data string is being converted to a number. Are you using a rule to return it? If so, what is the rule?


You could explicitly specify that the result should be a string:

return Str(Field("RateX"));


Or you could use the FormatNumber function:

return FormatNumber('0.00', Field("RateX"));

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