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Place a text field in every page of a PDF


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I want to be able to place a text field (with a white background) which would cover up some text on every page of the source PDF file.


If I have a PDF parts manual, 100 pages long, but they want to cover up a piece of text (the serial number) on it and replace with a new serial number, as the parts serial numbers have changed.



David Scott

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Hi David,


Is there just one part with one serial number in a static location to replace on each page or multiple parts/serial numbers in different locations? Every page or just certain pages that need to be dealt with? If it's just one static location to replace, even if it's not every page it's certainly doable. Multiple locations would involve more work.



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It is just in one place.

I have done it before on a different PDF parts manual, but I cannot find the file I used to do it. I remember one big box placed on the page which represented the background PDF file. Then another text field where I typed the new info. Then when I composed it, I got a new PDF output with the correct info.


- David

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