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Random pulls of static pages


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Is there a way to pull random static pages.


I have a layout with 50 pages and pages named 1 to 50 in the "Page Usage"

Everyone gets Page1 & 2 then it's random and everyone gets the last 2 pages 49 & 50.


Static Pages 3 to 48 can be in any order like P3, 4, 5 or P4, 3, 47, 11, 5


I can have a data file created and populated with the pages that need to be pulled. Field called "VarPages"


How do I do this in "OnRecordStart"


Hope this is clear enough.

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You can't re-order pages in your template from OnRecordStart – you can only turn them on/off. Is that a requirement? If so, I would suggest having a 5 page template with pages 1, 2, 4, and 5 as static pages that always return pages 1, 2, 49 and 50 (respectively) and the 3rd page being an overflow page that adds a random number of pages, each pulling a different random page from the other 46 pages:

var pdf = CreateResource('path/to/your.pdf', 'graphic');
var pages = [];
for (var i=2; i<49; i++)

return pages
   return .5 - Math.random();
 .splice(0, Math.floor((Math.random() * pages.length) + 1))
   pdf.pagenumber = s;
   return pdf.content;

If you don't mind if they stay in order, you can variably turn random pages on and off like this:

for (var i=2; i<49; i++)
 if (Math.round(Math.random())) 
   FusionPro.Composition.SetBodyPageUsage(i, true);

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