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Varied ouptut for Print and Digital Download


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I have a template that is available for printing and downloading. The client accesses the template in MarcomCentral. They would like for the printed version to contain EPS graphics, however they would like the downloaded version to contain the same images, just as JPEGs.


I'm just wondering if it's possible to do something like this? It seems similar to how a watermark can be added to a PDF Proof, but I don't know how the template would be downloaded with Digital Delivery?


Is something like this possible?




For an idea how I thought this can work without any extra help:

I could recreate my template using both EPS and JPG pages (double the original number of pages), adding a text fields with prefilled "Print" and "Download" that will then correspond to page usage settings where Print displays only the EPS pages and Download displays only the JPG pages.



What's do you think of this?



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I have determined the root of the issue is a combination on-screen display, Acrobat display settings and how Acrobat displays EPS graphics/transparencies.






Hopefully I can format the graphics so they do not display differently on-screen versus printed.

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