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Can I control the SKU Description for Versioned/Variable products?


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The SKU Description on Versioned and Variable products seems to just be the Product Description, and for several of my products, this makes the SKU Description very long.


I know I can use the Field Options tab in the template to dynamically add info from the form (like name, date, etc.), but this info is just tagged on to the end of the Product Description. This is especially annoying during the checkout process because it needlessly takes up a lot of space in the line item table. I was able to circumvent this issue with a couple products by putting the Product Description in the Product Instructions section, but this option isn't always possible or practical.


Is there a way to omit the Product Description from the SKU Description so only the form info shows? Or maybe even set a prefix for the SKU Description like you can for the SKU itself?

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