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Need to change order that data is sorted.


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I need to change the order in which my data is sorted. By this i mean when it comes off the press say i get 10 objects up on a sheet, I need the order of the objects on the printed sheet to incrementally change from left to right. Right now it is sorting down through stacks of paper, meaning that the top right corner of page one is the first set of data and the next incremental set of data is occuring on the top right corner of the next page. This makes the increments go up by 3s from left to right.


Any help would be fantastic!



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Not sure if I understand exactly what you are looking to accomplish with your imposition but it sounds like you want to turn off stacking and instead just use horizontal and vertical settings for your imposition.


You can do this in the FusionPro Imposer program in the "Layout" screen. See the "Step and Repeat" area of that screen and change the first selection from "stack" to "horizontal".


If you need to also change where the numbering starts at on the sheet (e.g. upper-left corner for item 1 vs. the upper-right corner), you can also set that here on the Layout screen. Press the "Advanced" button and you will see the options for Ordering of both horizontal and vertical.


If you would like more information about using FP Imposer, you might want to take a look at the Imposition tutorial movie we have at:




Hope this helps.

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