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Multiple rows in data need to print on one page.


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Hi All,

I am looking for some ideas and help on how to print data from multiple rows on one page of a two page letter.

There is a unique field for each name in the data "account id". There is no set number of rows for each id. One in the full data has 30 rows. I attached a sample of the data and a two page pdf that shows how the data fields need to be laid out. The back page is what has me stumped. I need to get the "close date" and the "amount" for each row that has the same "account id" to be placed on the back page of the doc.

I tried searching the forum but not sure what to even search for.

I assume I will need to use some kind of table and an array. I am totally ignorant of both I have just dabbled some in JavaScript by reading this forum for ideas and direction.

If anyone can point me in the right direction on where to start on this it would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Dave,


Did a couple of these types of jobs for tax season. The general idea is to have 2 files with a parent/child relationship. You already have the 'child' table with all the transactions. All you need to do is make a copy of the file you already have and de-dupe down to one record per account based on account number... this will be the 'parent' file.


In your template, you'll need to define the child table in your on job start rule with an external data file. Next, in your on record start, you'll need to define a FP Table and loop thru the child table, populating the table cells with the data you want with when the account numbers match.


Hope this helps,



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