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Queue running multiple jobs back to back

Eric Patrick

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I recently upgraded us from FusionPro VDP Creator 9.2.31 to 9.3.26 and now when I launch multiple jobs for composing one after another, jobs are left out of the process. Before the upgrade all jobs would compose one at a time until all were done. We automate processes whenever possible and have AppleScripts that we use to run multiple jobs up to 6 or 8 at one time. Now depending on how long it takes to process the first job only one other job out of 6 actually compose. Has anyone else run in to this?
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Yup. They changed the way it works, it seems mostly to prevent Acrobat from hanging if you try to preview a job while already composing a job. On Acrobat DC the behavior is even worse. You can't even really work on any other job whatsoever while it's composing.


Support's suggestion is to buy additional licenses or purchase Producer. From what I've gathered they will not change on this behavior. It worries me that if they are removing functionality from the product, what are they going to remove next? Will we be limited to the number of records we can output before having to upgrade or purchase an additional license. Will we have to pay to use javascript rules in the future. Will Imposition be an upcharge?


I know this was sort of an undocumented feature. But still shocking that it was removed with no warning.


One of the main benefits over other solutions was that fusionpro did not stop your workstation from being able to get work done. Others won't let you use InDesign while it's composing, and fusionpro is taking the same route now.


We have 3 fusion desktop licenses, and will likely never upgrade now.

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