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Fusion Pro Panel doesn't open in Acrobat 10!


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What is the deal with this? Had this trouble a while back and got so frustrated I reinstalled FP and used Acrobat 9 instead. Now my 9 is gone need to use Acrobat 10 and again the issue is there..


The Fusion Pro panel on right side never wants to open all the way, just a little bit and you can see any of the tools.


Only after many trys of opening and closing the other panels will it appear, sometimes up to 20 try of opening and closing will it work.


Is there a fix for this? Anyone else have this problem?


screenshot of the panel semi open attached.


Would love to know why this is!


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That hasn't happened to me with FusionPro but it has happened to me with other plug-ins for Acrobat (I'm looking at your Pitstop). It's definitely annoying but I think the fault lies with Acrobat rather than FP.


While I know this isn't a fix, the way I got around it was moving the tools to the "Quick Tools" bar. "Quick Tools" show up in the bar running along the top of your Acrobat window along with the "Create," "Open," "Save," etc. buttons. This seemed more inline with the way I was used to interacting with Acrobat 9 and helped me avoid those collapsable panels all together.


View > Show/Hide > Toolbar Items > Quick Tools


Then you can add the FP shortcuts from Third Party > FusionPro to the "Quick Tools to Show" section and arrange them to fit your preference.


And on the off chance that you're an Alfred Powerpack user, I've created a simple Alfred Workflow that you can grab from my github page lets you change your data file, load fonts, compose, re-compose, and collect your job using keyboard shortcuts.

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