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Preview/output chosen design (prev & output are different pages)


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I am building a template for pocket folders which will be up on MCC.


There are five pocket folder design options the client can choose.


I have two pages for each design:

1.a preview of the pocket folder (does not show the pockets)

2. the print ready file (includes the pocket flaps)


My page naming convention is Prev for the Preview pages and Pkt for the print ready pages. The five design option pages (1-5) are in order in the template and are named as follows:


"Prev1", "Pkt1" for Body 1 and Body 2

"Prev2", "Pkt2" for Body 3 and Body 4

"Prev3", "Pkt3" for Body 5 and Body 6

"Prev4", "Pkt4" for Body 7 and Body 8

"Prev5", "Pkt5" for Body 9 and Body 10


I have a field to designate the design choice "Design" which will be used to create a text dropdown in MCC with the following values:








I've set the Page Usage of all pages to "Unused" and tried several to create an OnRecordStart rule that based on the "Design" field will:


preview the the corresponding Preview page on MCC

and then

compose the corresponding print ready page.


So far, I've not gotten it.


Thanks in advance for help and suggestions.






FP 9.3.15

Acrobat 10.1.14

Mac OS 10.6.8 (yeah I know)

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Basically the first part of the page name ("Prev" or "Pkt") is decided by whether or not the template is being previewed. The second part (the number) is decided by which design is being used so adding additional text ("Des") to that value is just making matters more complicated. It would be a little less messy if your pages were named "PrevDes1" or the values for your "Design" field were simply: "1" but that's just my opinion.


As it stands, you can determine which page to turn on by name like this:

var page = ['Pkt','Prev'][+IsPreview()] + Field("Design").replace('Des','');
FusionPro.Composition.SetBodyPageUsage(page, true);


Or, you could determine which page needs to be turned on by page number in the template:

var page = Int(Field("Design").replace('Des',''))*2 - IsPreview();
FusionPro.Composition.SetBodyPageUsage(page, true);

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