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Tabbed Lists


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Thanks in advance for your help!


I need to create a tabbed list within the body of a letter. All the lists are all variable. It would look like the following:












Not all of the variables are used. Some just have just 1, others have all 18. The body of the letter will need to flow with the tabbed list.


My problem is when I use "suppress if containing empty variables", it removes the entire line if just one of the variables are empty.


Any advice you can give would be GREATLY appreciated.


Thank you!

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I'm just a hack when it comes to javascript but you can make rules for each line. You don't have to select anything and suppress it.


//Rule for improve_1 and improve_2 line

if ((Field("improve_1") != "") && (Field("improve_2") != ""))

return Field("improve_1") + '<t>' + Field("improve_2");


else if ((Field("improve_1") != "") || (Field("improve_2") != ""))

return Field("improve_1") + Field("improve_2");



return "";

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You can make a rule to return them all with the appropriate formatting:

fields = [];
i = 0;
while (i < 18) {
   while (r.length<2 && i<18)
       if (a = Field('improve_' + ++i)) r.push(a);
return fields.join('<br>\n')

Make sure that that "Treat returned strings as tagged text" is checked.

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