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I am having trouble suppressing second body page


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I am working on a project where the user is allowed to choose if they would like their display card to be single or double sided. I did not want users to have to separately upload a front and back image so I created a rule to allow users to upload a single two-page PDF and it is working properly.


Now I am trying to figure out how to suppress the second page and impose it properly if they only upload a single paged PDF.


Thanks for you help!

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What you're asking sounds like a question that is specific to MarcomCentral. Under that assumption, posting your question to that forum would give you more useful suggestions.


That being said, the issue you're going to run into is with imposition. I'm assuming that MarcomCentral templates have a single imposition (FPI file) applied to them just like off-line FP templates do. The reason that's a problem is: within the FPI file, you'll have to specify the number of pages each record should have – i.e. duplex records will have 2 pages and simplex records will have 1 page.


You can either:

  1. Set your imposition file up to be duplex and have a "blank" back page for simplex files
  2. Set your imposition file up to be simplex and then repeat each record twice for duplex files – returning the first page on the first repeat and the second page on the second repeat by putting this in your OnRecordStart rule:
    [color="red"]var card = CreateResource("bc.pdf",'graphic'); // Your uploaded resource[/color]
    FusionPro.Composition.repeatRecordCount = card.countPages
    card.pagenumber= FusionPro.Composition.repeatRecordNumber;
    FindGraphicFrame("[color="Red"]YOUR GRAPHIC FRAME NAME HERE[/color]").SetGraphic(card);

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