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How to adjust horizontal scale?


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Hi Scott,


I believe the <setwidth> tag might be what you are looking for. Take a look in the FusionPro Tags Reference guide PDF documentation for additional information on how this tag functions.




Is there a companion <setheight> tag to adjust the vertical scale of text?

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The companion tag that allows you to override the height of text is the <z> tag which will set the text's pointsize. Used with setheight, you can generate some interesting stretched output such as:





I see from a previous post that you have a need to scale your text vertically by 112%. You can just set your text to the proper pointsize in the variable text editor so it's the appropriate height or you can do something more dynamic in JavaScript if you need to override the current height of that text in the variable text editor.


Assuming this 112% is coming from a field in your input data, here's a little script that shows how you can apply that scale with the <z> tag as well as using <setwidth>


newHeight = 24 * Field("NewVertScalePercentage")/100;

return '<z newsize=' + newHeight + '><setwidth newsize=12>' + Field("TextToTypeset");


Make sure you check the "Treat returned strings...." checkbox in the rule.


Hope this helps.

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