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Offset underline and strikethrough ?


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I have a document with variable page headings that have under and over lines. Sample text attached. Is it possible to offset the under and strikethrough lines to achieve the look?


I am open to any other suggestion.






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I think what you should do is return your headers within a table. This will give you the ability to set a top and bottom margin as well as add a border to the top and bottom of the row. Using the TextMeasure functionality, you'll be able to variably set the width of the table to the width of the text within it so that the borders will match the text within it. Here's a sample:

var field = Field("YOUR FIELD HERE");
var spaceAbove = 100;
var spaceBelow = 100;

// Function to determine width of the lines based
// on the width of the text between them.
//    ** Make sure the properties match
//         the text you are returning **
function getTextWidth(input){
   var tm = new FusionProTextMeasure;
   tm.font = 'Helvetica';
   tm.pointSize = "12 pt"
   var result = tm.textWidth;
   return result;

// Create a table
var table = new FPTable
cell = table.AddRow().Cells[0];
cell.Margins = {Top: spaceAbove, Bottom: spaceBelow, Left: 0, Right: 0};
cell.VAlign = 'Middle';
cell.SetBorders('Thin', 'Black', 'Top', 'Bottom');
cell.Content = field;
return table.MakeTags().replace('<table','<table alignment=center');

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