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Variable Crop Marks?


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We have a customer that we do labels for. Depending on their distribution center (or time allowed on the job) we will print labels on rolls or sheets. I have a template set up to auto adjust (turn on correct page for label sheet) depending on the input file.

Everything works great except when we do labels 1 up on rolls we use crop marks, and when we use sheets we do not. I know I can build the crop marks into the 1 up pages and leave crop marks turned off but was wondering it there is any script or trigger that can over ride the crop mark setting in the imposition tab during composition?


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Since the crop mark settings are configured in your .fpi file, no, FusionPro can not edit them based on composition-time data. You can create two imposition files (one with crop marks and one without) and specify the correct one when you're composing your job. Alternatively, if you're composing with Server, you could script something that edits the cfg file to point to the correct fpi file per job or just edit the fpi file for each job.
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