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Some images don't show up


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Hi there,

I've got a simple ID card I'm doing with a graphic rule that has worked for me every year I do this job. For some reason this year, when I preview or compose, only some of the images are showing up. Usually this means the filename of the image and the filename in the xlsx (tried csv too) don't match.

I double/triple checked and even copy/pasted the filenames into excel to make sure it matches.


The resource list shows "OK" next to the image so I can't figure out why some images show and some don't. I tried batching the images and recreating them in Photoshop to see if it's something inherent with the image itself but that didn't work either.


I'm totally lost here, if anyone has some suggestions I would seriously appreciate it!


- Mike


Ah tried uninstalling and reinstalling too. (on ver 9.3.21)

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Is the issue only with previewing? Do the images show up in composition? If not, is there any indication in the .msg log why that images aren't showing up? If you rename one of the images that does preview as one of the images that doesn't preview, what's the result? If it no longer previews, then I'd assume it has something to do with the image title. Are they all in the same directory? It would be helpful if you could upload a sample, or your template/data/rule/photos.
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Hi there,

Preview reflects the same as the composition so nothing weird there.

In the message log, the only thing I get is that on the images it doesn't load, I get the warning that my default image for missing files is missing.

All the images are in the same directory, and loaded with the multiple graphic import.

I'm using the Insert Picture Rule.


Ok in going to try your suggestion of renaming, I copied everything to my local computer instead of the network and everything worked correctly.

So somehow the network was complicating it somehow? Strange that some would work and some would not.


wheeeeeaaalp thanks for the suggestion, it helped me get it working!

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It might be that your fusion document is looking for Filename.pdf and your file is named FileName.PDF.


This can happen if your files are on a network share that has a case sensitive file system. I've seen it primarily with netatalk on Ext4. Also leads to the issue where your fusion document must be all lowercase.

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