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Setting Up Business Card Template with No Data File


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Hi, I'm very new to FusionPro. I have a business card designed in InDesign and I've selected all of my text boxes and marked them to "Export as Variable Text Frames." I've saved the PDF and opened it in Acrobat/FusionPro.


FusionPro is asking me to choose my data source. There are three options:

1. Specify a data source definition

2. Create a new flat file

3. Import a data source from another document


We'd like our users to register for the portal and fill out their information into a form. We do not have any contact information yet. So I'm not sure what data source I should select. I'd appreciate any suggestions.



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Hi ICGroup,


So I'm not sure what data source I should select.


I suppose you are going to import the template in DSF, MarcomCentral or some other system - your data is not in place yet but to setup the template you need to define some parameters and you need a sample dataset. The easiest way is to select option 2, Create a new flat file. Define the fields that the user is supposed to fill out in the portal and put some sample data in them like; field: "first name" and value:"Kirsten" and so on for all the parameters you need for your template. When ready, save the flat file in your project folder. Now you are all set to assign the newly created fields to your variable text frames in the variable text editor.

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