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Coupon Imposition with conditionnal page.


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I need to print coupons with numbering & imposition.

All coupons are regrouped per 5 coupons in a leaflet containing 7 pages in global.

Page 1: Cover

Page 2: Blank page

Page 3: first number of serie: Ex Coupon 501

Page 4: second number Ex Coupon 502


Page 7: fith number of serie Ex Coupon 505


I created the pdf template with a sequantial rule for the numbers and a conditionnal rule to compose page 1 & page 2 for records whose numbers are ending with "1" or "6".

It's all OK until now.


But I need to impose all these pages on SRA3 , 8 poses per page.


Then it fails since FP Imposer is generating pages that should not be composed. ( file test ANACR-sortie1.pdf )

As cover will be printed on a specific paper only, I need a good imposition:

sheet 1 with 8 cover poses

sheet 2 with 8 blank poses

sheet 3 with 8 coupons each the first of their serie Ex: 501 , 601, 701, 801,...

and so on.


Is there a solution ?


Thank you for your help.


Best regards,



TEST ANACR-Sortie1.pdf

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