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Layering multiple graphics using the text graphics tag and Overflow pages

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Hello all,


Usually, when I need to stack graphics one on top of another, I simply layer multiple graphic boxes and have each box call different rules. This works fine for templates with static page counts.


I now need to do this in a template that has variable pages.


So, normally, one would create a text frame and put a graphics tag in it and loop through the number of pages in the PDF. Then put a Body and Overflow page onto the template and turn on Overflow to new Pages and have a target text box on the Overflow page.


This doesn't seem to work if you have 2 text boxes layered on top of each other. Only one textbox can be the Overflow-To "recipient" on the Overflow page.


So, how can I stack multiple graphics using the dynamic Overflow method? Each of these graphics would have the same number of pages, but on some records the PDFs called can all have 24 pages, and on other records the PDFs called can be 28 pages.


Is it possible? Or do I have to manually create the maximum number of pages possible, go to graphic frames and use Page Suppression for pages I don't want?

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Actually, I just noticed: if I have 2 text boxes (stacked on on top of the other) on my Body page set to Overflow to New Pages, I do get both text boxes overflowing - however, they do so sequentially. So Text Box 1 will overflow and create 24 output pages, and then text box 2 will also overflow and create another 24 pages. The text boxes don't layer.
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Can you post an example of what you're trying to achieve?

It's hard to tell if you actually need to use an overflow page from your description. If you're just importing pages of a PDF, you could just have one "Body" page template with graphic frames that you apply your rules to and you'd just repeat the record by the number of pages in your PDF resource (24 or 28 times). As a matter of fact, you could do it all from the OnRecordStart callback rule:

var pdf = CreateResource('/path/to/Your.pdf','graphic');
var graphicFrame = "Your_Graphic_Frame";

FusionPro.Composition.repeatRecordCount = pdf.countPages;
pdf.pagenumber = FusionPro.Composition.repeatRecordNumber;


Again, it's hard to say without a better understanding of what you're trying to accomplish so I apologize if that response is left-of-mark.

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