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I am trying create a Spot Color but my OnRescordStart Rule is not working:


var myColor = new FusionProColor("PANTONE_TEST", 100, 50, 0, 0, true);

FindTextFrame("TEST").fillColorName = "PANTONE_TEST";


I have "true" after Black value of "0", but after composition, the composed PDF still shows up as a CMYK color not a Spot Color (when using Pitstop eyedropper tool).


Am I missing something?


Thank you!

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Not sure what you are intending to make a spot color but to add a spot color to use in Fusionpro is to click Fusionpro>Advanced>Colors... in the top menu and click New in the Colors dialog box. Then in the New Color dialog box check the spot color checkbox, type out the name of the spot color you want to use EXACTLY and type in it's CMYK values. When you compose a job with this color the Output should use the spot color not as a CMYK blend.
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