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Glitch?!? Batched output file not numbering!

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I've done some testing on this and found a "possible glitch" with the batch numbering in conjunction with imposition while using the "Server" version - desktop works fine. I've uploaded a project that we do for Kent State Univ. It includes a copy (heavily duplicated) of a data file we receive as well as the batch file that we use to call FusionPro. The letter is batched at 1500 records and imposed 2-up on a 12x18 sheet (double sided). When the data file is 1500 records or less the output batch file does not contain a batch number that I would expect FusionPro to add to the file name. I may call the output file "512292_ksu10Day-d10_.pdf" in the command line, but FusionPro should (and up 'til now in previous versions did) output a batched file with "512292_ksu10Day-d10_1.pdf". Surprise! The batched file is named exactly the same as the command line name states: 512292_ksu10Day-d10_.pdf

The next test was to do a file that was just one record over the batch of 1500. When I ran the file that was 1501 records FusionPro created 2 batched files and named them properly: "512292_ksu10Day-d10_1.pdf", "512292_ksu10Day-d10_2.pdf".


I did not put any formatting on the output files through an OnNewOutput rule. I suppose I could (and maybe will have to) but I would think that FusionPro should be able to use it's own rules.


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My hunch is that FP is only adding an output file number after the first chunk has been exceeded. My suggestion would be to use an OnNewOutput callback rule to append the output file number to the name since it will call that function to figure out what to name the file. I haven't tested this and without your actual pdf FP template, I can't test it for your use case (without editing your .def file) but it seems like it would work:


if (!IsPreview()){    
   FusionPro.Composition.outputFileName = FusionPro.Composition.outputFileName.replace(/\.\w*$/,'') + "_" + FusionPro.Composition.currentOutputFileNumber + "." + FusionPro.Composition.outputFormatExtension;


And I think at one point I had to physically call the OnNewOutputFile from OnJobStart but since you're chunking the data in your composition settings, I don't think you would need to. But just in case:


if (!IsPreview()){

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