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Multiple Sequential Numbering Question


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Hi all,


Haven't posted in the forum in quite a while, but have always had good luck when I do. Hope you're still here and doing ok, Obi-Dan (Korn). :)


Apologies if this is already discussed and explained somewhere I didn't find.


I've got a ticket job that has a couple wrinkles. It's got four static areas and 10 areas for sequential numbering. 2 of the static areas are different size than the other 12 areas. (screen grab attached showing the areas)


I'm thinking my best bet is to do a 1-up layout with 10 different variable text boxes and rules.


What I'm trying to figure out is if I can do this with sequential numbering rules or if I need to just create a database file with 10 fields. It seems like there's probably an elegant rule method that could accomplish it so that's why I thought I'd post the question.


I need each press sheet to contain numbers in sequence. So press sheet #1 will start with number 122750 in block #1 and count up. Then press sheet #2 will start with 122760, press sheet #3 with 122770...ending up with 2000 press sheets.



Press Sheet #1:

block #1 = 122750

block #2 = 122751

block #3 = 122752

block #4 = 122753

block #5 = 122754

block #6 = 122755

block #7 = 122756

block #8 = 122757

block #9 = 122758

block #10 = 122759

Then Press Sheet #2:

block #1 = 122760

block #2 = 122761

block #3 = 122762

block #4 = 122763

block #5 = 122764

block #6 = 122765

block #7 = 122766

block #8 = 122767

block #9 = 122768

block #10 = 122769

And so on to press sheet #2000.


Hope that makes sense? (see attached screen grab for a visual)


I was thinking maybe I could make 10 sequential numbering rules but not sure how to make them count up properly per press sheet.


Is it possible to do with a nice rule, or should I just make an excel file with 10 fields and get it to count up the numbers in the excel columns for me and be done with it?





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If you want to set up the template with 10 variable text frames (like your screenshot), you don't really need a data file at all. You'd set your OnJobStart Callback rule to look like this:

FusionPro.Composition.composeAllRecords = false;
FusionPro.Composition.endRecordNumber = 2000; // Number of press sheets


Then set a global variable:

var ticket = 122750; // starting ticket number


Create a text rule (with "Re-evaluate this rule for every text flow" checked):

return ticket++;


Apply that rule to every text frame. The ticket numbers will increment in the order that the frames were created.

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