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This one time in band camp..... :D



'Load Fonts' Have had to do this multiple times. A couple times to make it kick off the system needed a reboot.


Overall todate font's have not been 'that' bad of an issue. As long as we do EVERYTHING on the Mac.

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Font horror stories are probably as plentiful as mortgage defaults and bank failures.


I'm looking for a solution!


I work on a PC and I frequently have to make a template from a Mac InDesign file. Is there any way out there to make fonts recognizable and work across platforms? Just today a ran into Helvetica Neue needing to be changed over. Why isn't it the same font on both machines?! :mad:


Also, our Macs have a lot more fonts to choose from. What are some good sources for aquiring fonts?


Any help would be much appreciated. I'm sure there is a good explanation, I just don't know much about fonts.

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