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Add a Column of Numbers


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How do I add my price fields so they populate the Total field?


The following returns a string of numbers, not a total.

There are probably other gross conceptual errors with this. :eek: I need help. thanks.


if (Field("Total"));






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When you are in the rules editor and you bring up the building blocks area, you will find a tab called "Functions". Under that tab you will find a selection for "Math". In here you will find basic mathematical functions as well as two functions called "Int" and "StringToNumber". These will convert a text field whose contents is composed solely of numbers into a number that can now be used in mathematical equation. The "Int" function will create an integer "whole" number from a text number and the "StringToNumber" function will convert a text number into a "floating point" number (one that can contain a decimal value).


Try something like this...

if (Field("Total"))
 return StringToNumber(Field("PartCost1"))+

Hope this helps.


Good Luck

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