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Add variable number of leading characters


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I am formatting a label for USPS mailing


I need to put in the OEL information with some of our information at the beginning of the line.


123456 M1 FF************************ADC 605

{Memcode}{Memtype}{Magname}variable number of *{endorse}


The Memcode can vary from 3-7 characters and Memytpe can be 0-3, and Magname is always 2 characters


I know that I will need to calculate the length of the string:



and the length of the maximum string (text box is 4.0in wide) = y


y-x=total number of * i need


And then insert that value into the padL function


I have been able to get by with the built-in simple rules until now. But I am stumped.


Thanks in advance for any help or direction


Dennis Matl

Production Manager

American Nuclear Society

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If I'm understanding your question correctly and you want to dynamically add asterisks between the "Magname" and the "Endorse" variables, then you don't need a rule for this at all.


In you text editor, insert your first 3 variables, tab, and insert the "endorse" variable. Then click the "Tabs..." button in the text editor dialog box and add a new tab:

Position: 3.9in (Note: if the line has to be exactly 4 inches long, set the position to 4 and increase the width of the text box so it doesn't wrap.)

Alignment: Right

Leader: *


If you really wanted to do this with JavaScript, you could use TextMeasure to measure the length of your 4 variables and using a while loop add an asterisk to that string until the line was equal to 28800 (4 inches - TextMeasure returns width in 1/100 of a point). But I think that's unnecessary.

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