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Rule needed for graphic line to extend the width of Clinic name


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Posting a picture would help a ton. Is the line an inline graphic? Is the clinic name meant to flow with any other text that my surround it?


You could set the width of an inline graphic to match the width of the text using the TextMeasure feature.


You could the text in a table cell with a bottom-border.


A simpler solution would be to underline the variable in the text editor or using the "<u>" tags.

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Here's a TextMeasure example:

var field = Field("clinic"); // Your field goes here.
var graphic = '/path/to/your/graphic.jpg';
var graphicHeight = 1; // Height of your line (in points)
var font = {
   face: "Helvetica", // Replace with your font
   size: 15 // Replace with your font size (in points)

// Tag the text for text measure
var tags = '<span font="' + font.face + '" pointsize="' + font.size + '">';
field = tags + field + '</span>';

// Get the text width
function getTextWidth(input){
   var tm = new FusionProTextMeasure;
   tm.useTags = true;
   return tm.textWidth;

// return field with a break (<br>) and the graphic
return field + '<br><graphic file="' + graphic + '" width="' + getTextWidth(field) + '" height="' + (graphicHeight*100) + '">';

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