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Centering the final line of a justified text block


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I don't think this is necessarily a JavaScript question, but it seemed a good place to get answers. I have a problem posed to me by our design team that they've been unable to overcome. They have a block of text that needs to be fully justified in the text box, but whatever is left on the final line needs to be centered. Applying justification by itself causes the final line to be left-aligned. I've tried several combinations of the <span> and <p> tags to no avail. I can get the final line centered, but even when it's wrapped in a <span> tag it forces all of the preceding text to be centered instead of fully justified. Of course, this was done on static text, which the final product will not have, making the issue even more complex. Any ideas?
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So, I have solved my own issue by doing something that I didn't think would actually work. It seems the quad attribute of the <p> tag can actually have more than one value, so starting my text with <p br="false" quad="JC"> actually ends up both centering AND justifying. Interestingly, quad="CJ" does not work. Edited by tobarstep
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