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FP Template with Transparency


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I have a template with a variable image in the background with a smaller graphic frame filled with white at 95% transparency (see file attached). I have tried the following with no success:


Filling the window with white changing the percentage to 95%

Creating an EPS / PDF out of Illustrator of white at 95% transparency and placing as an image

Creating a grayscale image out of Photoshop with 95% opacity and placing as an image.


Is there a way to make this work?




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I was able to do what you're describing by:

1. Creating a Photoshop file with the background set to white.

2. Converting the "Background" layer to a standard layer and setting the opacity to 95%. (You should see the checkered background showing through the layer).

3. Save the file as a Photoshop PDF with "layers" checked

4. Output a PDF with "Preserve Photoshop Editing Capabilities" checked.

5. Creating a graphic rule in FP to return the PDF I created:

return CreateResource('/path/to/white.pdf', 'graphic');

6. Create a graphic frame and assign the rule created in step 5 to it.

7. Set the scaling of the graphic frame to "fill."


I should mention that I'm running FP8 rather than FP9 but I don't see why that wouldn't work for you.

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