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Direct Mail Campaign List Viewing/Selection

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Looking for input in relation to Direct Mail Campaign List viewing/selection. Has anyone on this board dealt with direct mail campaign lists where the user can view their list and select/deselect records and attributes during the ordering process? We are trying to avoid loads of custom programming.


Our client provides us with a master list and we need to provide viewing rights to Users based on their MarcomCentral UserID. The UserID matches to a field within the master database. Below are some requirements.


Requirements for list portion of ordering process:

1) Users can only view/select/deselect records pre-assigned to them.

2) Users can select all or manually select (this might be optional but they have the ability to do this now on a separate system).

3) Price of campaign is calculated using the # of records they select.

4) We need to be able to pull the final selected records for all participants in the campaign. We'd prefer to pull as one file as some campaigns can have over 300 participants, but can pull separately if need be.

5) Users need to be able to download the records they selected.

6) Some campaigns require additional selections by record (attributes), but most do not. Additional selections trigger variable elements in the direct mail piece.

7) Users can upload a list in addition to selecting from their corporate provided list.


Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.

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