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Impose Coupon Without Database Issue


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I have created a 7 page coupon that I want to impose. The first 2 pages have the same number and then it increments by 1 from 2nd page to page 6, then the last page is blank. I use a rule on the first 6 pages to achieve this.



Coupon 1 Coupon 2

Page 1 - Nr.1 Page 8 - Nr.6

Page 2 - Nr.1 Page 9 - Nr.6

Page 3 - Nr.2 Page 10 - Nr.7

Page 4 - Nr.3 Page 11 - Nr.8

Page 5 - Nr.4 Page 12 - Nr.9

Page 6 - Nr.5 Page 13 - Nr.10

Page 7 - Blank Page 14 - Blank


This all works when you don't impose. Now when I create an imposition using FPI, I have 2 horizontal by 9 vertical. I want it to stack 140. When I select Stack in the first column in FPI, I type in 140, then horizontal and then vertical and it displays corrrectly on the Front sheet imposition image in FPI. Even though I state a start number ie. 1 as the first record, it will display a totally different starting number when I have composed the file. In fact that coupon number does not appear in the file!!


See the attached Output PDF of what I want to achieve in the output. It's the first 8 pages If I place the stack in the last column in FPI, it doesn't deliver what I want, but at least the starting number is correct. I tried indefinite stack, but still no luck.


Any ideas, clues? I have attached the FP file in the ZIP with the FPI.



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Do you get the results you're looking for if you change the composition dialog to compose "all" records and change your OnJobStart callback to:

FusionPro.Composition.composeAllRecords = false;
FusionPro.Composition.startRecordNumber = 1;
FusionPro.Composition.endRecordNumber = 357;

start = 63746;
incr = 0;

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I think the numbers being off is due to your global variable being incremented during the pre-processing stage. Pre-processing occurs be default when you're imposing the template. I think adding this line to the beginning of your OnRecordStart rule will give you what you want by resetting your global variable when the pre-processing is done (at the first record of the job):

incr = (FusionPro.Composition.inputRecordNumber == 1) ? 0 : incr;

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Thanks Step. That fixed that particular issue. So, now it starts with the correct first number.


The main issue still remains. When I have set the stack as follows


1 141

281 421

561 701

841 981

1121 1261

1401 1541

1681 1821

1961 2101

2241 2381


When I run my job, it displays


63751 63775

63799 63823 and so on in 24 increments


What I want is


63751 63891

64031 64171 and so on in 140 increments

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Sorry, I corrected a small mistake in the stacking numbers in the last update.


I have looked through most of the posts on here regarding impositioning and stacking and I still can't find a way for the output to match the stacking I outlined in my last update. It clearly shows the stack that I want in increments of 140 from left to right, but it still ignores it. Is this a limitation?


Also noticed that numbers are missing on the output file when imposing

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