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Low resolution output-individual graphics


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I am working on a project where the customer wants the output pdfs saved low resolution for web use. Each record gets its own output pdf, so there is almost 4000 pdfs at end.


Adjusting composition settings only affect what FusionPro composes, so I had to optimize the static background pdf to get images to 72 dpi.


The problem is that customer is requesting that 3 of the images stay at a higher resolution- 96 dpi, the other 3 need to be downsampled for web use.


I composed the job at full resolution and then optimized pdf to get images above 100 dpi down to 72 dpi, so that quality of 96 dpi images is preserved.


Unfortunately, composing at full resolution and then optimizing took over 15 hours.


Is there a way to get pdfs composed where resolution is downsampled for only 3 of 6 images?





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Resample the images in the static background before composing. Then, compose at full resolution. There will be no need to optimize the PDFs after composing. (Assuming, of course, all resources are optimized prior to composing.)


Start with three 72 DPI images and three 96 DPI images and you will end up with three 72 DPI images and three 96 DPI images after full resolution composition.

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This job ends up with 2 different version, 1 for print at full resolution and 1 for web at low resolution. Customer's customer sees both version so they need to match.


Each record has 3 record-specific images that need to stay at 96 dpi and then 3 record-specific images at 72 dpi.


So I would need to make Photoshop down-sample 3 images and then rename as low resolution. Then rules would have to be adjusted to use the low resolution version.


David, your solution will save a bunch of time. The down-sampling is done before composition instead of after. My concern is making sure both versions match. I'll have to do some testing.


I'm still wondering if there is a way to accomplish 3 variable graphics at 96 dpi and 3 at 72 dpi using Javascript or adjusting settings in FusionPro starting with full resolution graphics.

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