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Urgent! Need help with a rule!


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Sorry, new to the blog so please bear with me.

I have a switch rule set up, depending on the field protocol a logo is pulled and then there are choices P1 - P17 in additional fields that pull graphics.


What I need to happen is the first field that is blank (ie, P1, P2 and P3 could be filled with a graphic then P4 blank I need it to return Closing letter18.pdf, but if it is protocol 502 I need that last graphic to be Closing letter18CIP.pdf


switch (parseFloat("0" + Field("P2")))


case 1:

return Resource("Heart disease1.pdf");

case 2:

return Resource("Heart failure2.pdf");

case 3:

return Resource("Breathing3.pdf");

case 16:

return Resource("Memory loss16.pdf");

case 17:

return Resource("17_Confidence in Filling Out Med Forms.pdf");

case 18:

return Resource("Closing letter18.pdf");

case 201:

return Resource("UHC_CP");

case 502:

return Resource("CIP_logo_K.pdf");


return Resource("Closing letter18.pdf");


(I have cut some out as it is very long)

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