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Formatting 9 Digit Zipcodes


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Good afternoon,


I am trying to format zipcodes within my project. the data file is a mix of 5 and 9 digit zipcodes. I have been using the following in a empty text rule but this is not working on the zipcodes that are missing the leading zeros. Any help is greatly appreciated.


New Empty Text Rule

return Field("ZIPCode").replace(/^(\d{5})-?(\d{4})$/, "$1-$2");

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Since your leading zeros are dropping, your regular expression is failing to capture the pattern. In your replace function, you are looking for a series of 5 digits, a hyphen (optionally), followed by a series of 4 digits.


You can try checking the zip code's length and adding the leading zeros back to it conditionally. Basically, checking to see if the zip is less than 5 digits. If it is, add leading zeros until the length of the zip is 5. If it's greater than 5 digits, add leading zeros until the length is 9. At that point your current replace function should work. Here's an example:

// Assign this to your FP Field
var zip = '345-1234'; // Zip Code: 00345-1234

// Remove anything that's not a digit
zip = zip.replace(/[^\d]/g,''); 

// If the zip code is less than 5 digits, add leading zeros to make its length 5
// If it's greater than 5, add leading zeros to make its length 9
var stop = (zip.length <= 5) ? 5 : 9;
while (zip.length < stop){
   zip = '0' + zip;

return zip.replace(/^(\d{5})-?(\d{4})$/, "$1-$2");

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