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Rule for Ticket Scratch-off


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I need some kind of Rule that will help me create a ticket scratch off with 12 random slots with one image included.

The prizes are:

3 spots are the “Lucky Symbol”

6 spots are $20

1 spot is $25

1 spot is $50

1 spot is $75


I can't upload an image of the ticket to show, but basically it says to "Reveal 3" of a kind to win. There are 12 four leaf clovers where the prizes are under and they get scratched off.

How can I create a rule to generate these prizes including an image randomly in 12 places?

Please respond asap.

Thanks for your help.


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Here is an example of a BINGO card generating random numbers, could I use this and modify it for the ticket numbers?


//This rule will typeset the bingo card as a FusionPro table

//onto the card.


//Call the number shuffler rule to shuffle our numbers

temp = Rule("Number Shuffler");


//At this point, our numbers for this record are all shuffled.

//It's BINGO time!


//Here's some global settings on the table.

columnWidth = 4050;

columnHeight = 45;

numberHeight = 23;



//We define the basic table layout. Note the first column. We will use

//that column to control the height of each row

tableMarkup = '<table columns=6 margins="top:0;bottom:0;left:0;right:0" alignment="center">';


tableMarkup += '<column width=1>';

tableMarkup += '<column width=' + columnWidth + '>';

tableMarkup += '<column width=' + columnWidth + '>';

tableMarkup += '<column width=' + columnWidth + '>';

tableMarkup += '<column width=' + columnWidth + '>';

tableMarkup += '<column width=' + columnWidth + '>';



//The following "outer loop" will count through the rows in the table

for (rowCounter = 1; rowCounter <=5; rowCounter++)


//We define the table markup for the row here plus that first column.

//Note how we use the   character at a given pointsize to set

//the height of the row

tableMarkup += '<row><cell><z newsize=' + columnHeight + '><setwidth newsize=".01"> ';

tableMarkup += '<z newsize=' + numberHeight + '><setwidth newsize="' + numberHeight + '">';


//The following "inner loop" will count through the remaining cells on this row.

for (columnCounter = 1; columnCounter <= 5; columnCounter++)


tableMarkup += '<cell rulings="left:medium,asu black;right:medium,asu black">';


//We use some math below to figure out which array element to include

//for this cell. This is required because we typeset tables 1 row at

//a time but our array is configured in a "vertical" manner with the

//appropriate numbers in it.

arrayPosition = ((columnCounter-1) * 5) + rowCounter;

tableMarkup += finalNumberArray[arrayPosition];




//Close off this table with the end table tag.

tableMarkup += '</table>';


return tableMarkup;

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Here is another question, How do I apply

The prizes are:

3 spots are the “Lucky Symbol”

6 spots are $20

1 spot is $25

1 spot is $50

1 spot is $75


To the Number Shuffle Rule below?


//The printed numbers on the card correspond to the following arrangement:

// 1 to 15 in the B column

//16 to 30 in the I column

//31 to 45 in the N column

//46 to 60 in the G column

//61 to 75 in the O column


//A variable to enable the free space in the center of the card

//is set here. Setting this to false will make the center space

//have a number instead of being free.


enableFreeSpace = true;


//A randomizerSetting variable is set. The higher this number, the more

//shuffled the numbers will be in the card. Higher values will lead to

//longer composition times, though. Setting of at least 1000 is recommended

randomizerSetting = 5000;


//Create an array object that will hold all of the numbers


finalNumberArray = new Array();



//The array will have all 25 numbers for the Bingo card


//Even though the first element in any array is the "0 element",

//we will use numbers 1 through 25 to signify our numbers.

//Technically, then, there are 26 elements in this array but we

//will ignore the "0 element".



//Create a shuffler array that will hold the numbers 1 through 15


shufflerArray = new Array();


//This shufflerArray will be randomly sorted for each column.

//After it is randomly sorted, we will pick the first 5 elements

//in this array and multiply by a factor to get the correct number

//range for each column. For example, a "6" for the "B" column or a

//"63" for the O column. The multiplier factor will be as follows:

//((columnNumber - 1) * 15) + arrayNumber



//Let's fill the shufflerArray with the numbers 1 through 15


for (x=0; x<15; x++)


shufflerArray[x] = x+1;



//Variable that will be used to point to the appropriate location

//in the finalNumberArray is set.

cellCounter = 1;


for (columnCounter = 1; columnCounter<=5; columnCounter++)



//shuffle the array

for(shufflerCounter = 0; shufflerCounter < randomizerSetting; shufflerCounter++)


position1 = Round((Math.random() * 14),0);

position2 = Round((Math.random() * 14),0);



tempNumHolder = shufflerArray[position1];

shufflerArray[position1] = shufflerArray[position2];

shufflerArray[position2] = tempNumHolder;




//assign each spot in the finalNumberArray with a number from the array

//note that each number will also be multiplied by a factor to

//yield an appropriate number for each column

for (count = 0; count < 5; count++)


finalNumberArray[cellCounter] = ((columnCounter - 1) * 15) + shufflerArray[count];

cellCounter += 1;









//Enter the "FREE SPACE" text if the enableFreeSpace flag is set

if (enableFreeSpace == false)


finalNumberArray[13] = "<span><z newsize=12><br>FREE<BR>SPACE</span>";




return 0;

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For your scratch off ticket, I would add your prize elements to an array (image included), shuffle the elements in the array, and build a table of the prizes. I've put together an example here:

/* -------------------------------------------------
// Function for shuffling array elements
// + Jonas Raoni Soares Silva
// @ http://jsfromhell.com/array/shuffle [v1.0]
// -------------------------------------------------*/
   function Shuffle(o){ 
       for(var j, x, i = o.length; i; j = Math.floor(Math.random() * i), x = o[--i], o[i] = o[j], o[j] = x);
       return o;

// Table Settings
var numberOfColumns = 4;
var numberOfRows = 3;
var columnWidth = 1; // in inches
var rowHeight = 1; // in inches

// Lucky Symbol Settings
var luckySymbol = {
   path: "/Path/to/luckySymbol.pdf", // Path to lucky symbol graphic
   width: 0.25, // in inches
   height: 0.25 // in inches

// Array of prizes (3 lucky symbols, 6 $20, 1 $25, 1 $50, 1 $75)
var prizes = [luckySymbol.path,luckySymbol.path,luckySymbol.path,"$20","$20","$20","$20","$20","$20","$25","$50","$75"];

// Randomly shuffle the prizes
prizes = Shuffle(prizes);

var rows = []; // Array to hold rows

// Start building table
var table = '<table columns=' + numberOfColumns + '>';

// Add column tags for the specified amount of columns
for (var i=0; i<numberOfColumns; i++){
   table += '<column width=' + columnWidth*7200 + '>';

// Add cell tags for each prize
prizes.forEach(function(val){rows.push('<cell><p quad="C">' + val.replace(luckySymbol.path, '<graphic file="' + luckySymbol.path + '" height=' + luckySymbol.height*7200 + ' width=' + luckySymbol.width*7200 + '>'));});

// Create the specified amount of rows
for (var n=0; n<numberOfRows; n++){1
   var row = rows.splice(0,numberOfColumns);
   table += '<row minHeight=' + rowHeight*7200 + '>' + row.join('');

// Close table tag
table += '</table>';

return table;


I imagine the scratch off image would have to be printed after the table is printed (as just a static image).


Anyway, I hope that helps get you started. For more information on adjusting the table properties, check out page 27 of the TagRefGuide.pdf in the FusionPro documentation.

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