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Product visibility based on user login?


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Is there anyway to make products visible or invisible based on the user login?

I have a corporate client that has 1000 offices. They all have their own version of logos and documents and they want each office to pull these logos or specific documents with out the other offices things being seen. So when someone from office2 logins in, they only see the assets for office2.


They also want to have static and versioned products for each office. They want each of the offices to only see their products. Since creating groups can not be done using bulk ops, I was wondering if there is another way to achieve this without spending all that time creating 1000 different groups.

I have used iforms for prefilling versioned products but I need something for the static products. I thought of saved content but then again the customer would have to select their saved content first and they could change or save different versions where the corporate doesn't want them to do. I also thought of profile attributes but it would prefill and I could lock the attributes but this takes longer than iforms.


Is there any css or something that could do this or any other ideas?

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