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Need help merging 16 records per PDF page.


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I need to merge 16 records per page and cannot use the imposer. I am making name tags that get Dye Sublimated on a heat press. We are using a 16 up production jig (8.5x14). Unfortunately the jig is not evenly spaced so I cannot use the imposer. I know I have to use ExternalDataFileEx . This is my first time trying it I just cannot figure out where to start. My data only contains 3 fields per record and each page will have 16 name tags (records). If anybody can point me in the right direction to get going or if there is a example floating around out there let me know.



Thanks in advance

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Attached is "a" way to do this. There are probably dozens of ways to get the end result but this would be my approach. You should be able to just unpack the zip and hit Compose to test it.


A couple things to note.

There are no conventional text rules in the example. All the magic happens in the two callbacks.

There is no input file. It is set to "None".

You are only composing one record, it is being repeated and changed based on the external file.


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