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Issue with altered output file names (preprocessing related?)


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I posted this in the VDP Producer API (server) forum but maybe that wasn't the proper place for it, so I'm linking it here. Anyone know if this is an actual issue or something that can be corrected with a change to a setting somewhere? If it can't be corrected, then it might actually stop us from upgrading as it would cause conflicts in a number of automated processes we have.




Thank you.

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This is discussed at length in the announcement topic here:



It has been fixed for an upcoming release 9.3.12.


Thanks. I was having trouble figuring out what was causing the preprocessing in one of my templates and not the other. It seems someone had incorrectly set the imposition in one of them to stack even though the data files are only 1 record each. I guess I'll have to postpone testing anyway since we do have many more jobs that do require a stacked imposition.

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