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Start New Sheet Based On Field


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I am creating a pdf file to print address labels. There are 20 labels on a sheet so I have set up an appropriate imposition for that layout.


Now here is what I am hoping to do. I want to force it to start a new sheet based on data in one of the fields.


So for example: It starts creating sheets, gets to record 55 and sees the data indicating to start a new sheet. So there would be 2 full sheets (40) and one sheet with 14 addresses. The rest of the labels on that sheet would be blank and it would start with record 55 on a new sheet and continue imposing sheets until it sees the indicator in the data for a new sheet.


Any suggestions would be helpful.


Thank you.

Bob McGuire

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What you are looking to do is referred to as arbitrary chunking. You can search the forums for plenty of examples. I've attached a 20 up sample that you should be able to adapt.


The key components are two things you need to add to OnRecordStart:


FusionPro.Composition.chunksBreakStacks = true;

if (FieldChanged("Group"))


Where "Group" is whatever field designates a new imposition sheet.


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