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Imposing 2up with simplex and duplex


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We have a very large job to produce and we are looking to minimize the copy count and time. The data will be supplied with copy for simplex and duplex pages. The pages are A4 and we are wanting to run the job 2up on A3 paper. While this is easily handled by using an imposition file, I am wanting to ensure that duplex printing only occurs when necessary. There are 3 possible outputs: a simplex A4 page beside a simplex A4 page (should only count as a 1 copy on A3); A simplex beside a duplex (which will count as 2 copies); duplex beside a duplex. If I was to output these possibilities I should get a copy count of 5 as the first set is simplex and not duplex. The time and cost could be substantial.


The data can't be split or filtered as we need to keep record sequence. I have tried using SetBodyPageUsage to control whether to use a page with duplex settings or simplex settings but the output is still actually duplexing.


Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

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1) Is the intent that each page is 1-sided (so that a duplex record will use 2 sheets)?

2) Do the duplex pages within a single record contain unique content?

3) Does the imposition need to stack/telescope or can records step across sheet?

4) Once you have a printed stack of printed simplex/duplex records, how will you know where each record ends?


If possible, could you upload a sample of the data with a mix of records? Obviously you can replace any sensitive information with generic text. I think I understand your goal of reducing total sheets through press, but the answers above will help determine if their is a way to do what you want without the help of a 3rd party app (to impose separate from FusionPro).

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Thanks Eric for your reply.

I have uploaded a plan which will explain what we are hoping to achieve.

The records will step across the page.

The finished sheets will be one sided or two sided only depending on data. As the result is a single sheet of paper, there is no problem with finding the end of a record.

We normally print via postscript with page control to set whether a page is simplex or duplex.

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Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but it sounds like you just want to insert a blank page for the "back" of your simplex records, impose using a duplex layout, and run the whole job duplex.


However, if you're wanting the simplex sheets to run simplex and the duplex sheets to run duplex, I don't think there's a way to make that happen (at least to my knowledge). At that point, I think you'd have to separate out the simplex portion of the job into one file and the duplex portion of the job into another file and then re-sort them back together and at that point I'm not really sure how much time you're saving.

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Ah, you must be using a copier and you are trying to avoid the copier making a pass across the back of a sheet if there is nothing on the back. That would essentially require skipping output of back side if both records on a sheet are 1-page only AND indicate in the output data that said page was Simplex so press knows not to back up with the front of the next two records. I'm not sure FusionPro is capable of this.
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