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Adding two separate formats to same replace rule


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I've got the first half of this rule working, but I can't seem to figure out the second and was hoping for some guidance.


I need to replace the registered trademark in a product name and then follow that up with italicizing the second half of the product name. So far I have:


return Field("ProductDescription").replace(/DENTtips Master/g, "DENTtips" + '<f name="Compatil Fact It"> Master</f>);


The registered mark needs to come right after "DENTtips" and before "Master". However, because the word "master" may be used in another grammatical context, I cannot force a global replace around "master" By itself. I tried the following which didn't work:


return Field ("ProductDescription").replace(/DENTtips® Motion | DENTtips® Motion/g, "DENTtips + '<superscript>®</superscript>' + '<f name=Compatil Fact It"> Master</f>);


I know I'm missing something easy here!!

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